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November 6, 2007.


Since I am the director of the Andrei Sakharov Museum and Public Center Peace, Progress, Human Rights (further called the Museum), I inform everyone for whom it is important that the Museum’s situation is dramatic.

On January 1, 2008 the Museum will have to limit or cancel its activity and dismiss almost all staff due to lack of financing sources. Now the Museum’s permanent exhibition is open, the excursions are held (the permanent exhibition centers around four topics: Soviet Ideology and Mythology, Politic Repressions in the USSR, The Way through Gulag, Resistance in the USSR, Andrei Sakharov: Life and Work), temporary exhibitions are organized, the library works (it is centered around the same topics as the permanent exhibition). Moreover, we continue the description of the funds, update and support of electronic database: Memoirs about Gulag and Their Authors, Monuments and Memorials to the Victims of Politic Repressions on the Territory of the Former USSR, Passional of the Victims of Politic Repressions Executed in Moscow and Moscow Region, Subjects to Repression: Artists and Art Historians.

The minimal annual budget of the Museum for 2008 is 8,330,000 rubles or $340,000. This budget ensures the activity described above. The budget and the staff list of the Museum are available on the Museum’s site. The salary of the main specialists (with one exclusion) and of all the Museum’s administration in 2007 was 12,000 – 15,000 rubles.

Among the financing sources available for the museums – financial support by the government, income from the ticket office, the Museum’s shop and café, the endowment, donations and special-purpose grants –the Andrei Sakharov Museum and Public Center can now count on the two: the donations (that were very helpful in 2007) and special-purpose grants. We have no financial support by the government because the Andrei Sakharov Museum and Public Center is an independent not-for-profit cultural institution. We have no profit from selling tickets because the admission is free. We have no museum shop or café due to lack of offices. We have no endowment.

In 2007 and in previous years the Andrei Sakharov Museum and Public Center existed only on special-purpose grants from foreign foundations. But this support is limited now because there is a decrease in interest to Russia on the part of the West. In 2008 the Museum definitely counts on $50,000 from the Sakharov Foundation (USA). Yet, to ensure the Museum’s activity in 2008 that is not enough. The appeal of several well-known Russians to the Russian public (published in Novaya Gazeta), and my letters to a number of Western donators (supported by well-known public figures) with a request to financially support the Museum in 2008 by now remain unanswered.

I can not assess objectively the work of the institution of which I am the head. However, the Andrei Sakharov Museum and Public Centre is, as far as I know, the only institution that functions as both a public centre and a museum. Let me innumerate the main events that have taken place in the Museum in the last three months.

In August – October the Museum was visited by 6,600 people (15,300 visitors in the period: January, 1 - October, 31). In the last three months we have held 7 exhibitions:

  • photo-exhibition of July Vishevetsky’s works The Neighboring Planet devoted to Kharabakh, Georgia, Chechnya, Northern Turkey (accompanied by the Festival of Caucasian Cinema);
  • exhibition  Raoul Vallenberg: the Voice of One Man (organized by the Jewish Museum in Budapest; this project also included demonstration of several documentaries about the Holocaust);
  • exhibition of posters  The End of the Putin epoch (organized by Grani.ru);
  • photo-exhibition of monuments to subjects to repression The Memory of Rights Abuse;
  • photo-exhibition A Catastrophe Half the Century Long devoted to an atomic accident at the plant Mayak in 1957 (organized by an ecological group);
  • exhibition of documents The Right to Write: Letters of  Political Prisoners 1930 – 2007;
  • exhibition of Vyacheslav Sysoev’s (former political prisoner) graphic works Walk softly, talk softly!

Moreover, a part of the 2006 exhibition Political Justice, devoted to nowadays political prisoners in Russia, is on display.

In October 2007 we organized and held several interesting meetings, a scientific seminar, an international conference (with the State Centre of Contemporary Art):

  • debate with Vatslav Gavel’s participation;
  • meeting with Vladimir Bukovsky;
  • scientific seminar Chechnya: the War is Over… What is Next?;
  • closing events of the international conference Contemporary Art and Taboo (political, religious, aesthetic, ethic).

In August – October 2007 the Museum continued to actively organize the 6th Interregional Contest for teachers The Best Lesson: Political repressions and Resistance in the USSR (the contest is held by the Museum in cooperation with regional departments for education and main institutions for raising professional qualifications in educational sphere).

Apart from just listed, in August – October 2007 the Museum let 12 NGOs use its offices and technical support free. NGOs held 25 events at which the following persons made speeches: Doctor of Historical Science Yury Afanasiev, Academician RAN Vyacheslav Ivanov, historian Alexander Yanov.

I am sure that the activity of the Andrei Sakharov Museum and Public Centre is devoted to the maintenance of such values as freedom, human rights, democracy, and humanism. Without struggling for these values, this country faces gloomy future. I believe that the Andrei Sakharov Museum and Public Centre is one of the main fore posts aimed at defending and realizing these values.

So, in this dramatic for the Museum situation, I turn to all persons and all public and state foundations in Russia, Europe, the USA, Canada, Japan with the request to support the Museum’s activity and prevent the stoppage of  its activity as independent and non-governmental cultural institution. Accounts to transfer donations are available on the Museum’s site www.sakharov-center.ru. I will be very grateful to everybody for distribution of this appeal.

Yury Samodurov,
Director of the Andrei Sakharov Museum and Public Center.

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Региональная общественная организация «Общественная комиссия по сохранению наследия академика Сахарова» (Сахаровский центр) решением Минюста РФ от 25.12.2014 года №1990-р внесена в реестр организаций, выполняющих функцию иностранного агента. Это решение мы обжалуем в суде.

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Данный материал (информация) произведен, распространен и (или) направлен некоммерческой организацией, выполняющей функции иностранного агента, либо касается деятельности такой организации (п. 6 ст. 2 и п. 1 ст. 24 ФЗ от 12.01.1996 № 7-ФЗ).

14 июня 2022 года Европейский суд по правам человека постановил, что включение Сахаровского центра в реестр организаций, выполняющих функции иностранного агента, нарушает право на свободу ассоциаций.

Государство обязывает нас называться иностранными агентами, но мы уверены, что наша работа по сохранению и развитию наследия академика А.Д.Сахарова ведется на благо нашей страны. Поддержать работу «Сахаровского центра» вы можете здесь.