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Installation «Fantasy on a terrorist act»

Installation «Fantasy on a terrorist act»

The information (Frank Williams)

In the evening on September 11, 2001 I was driving home from my Moscow studio when I heard a report on the radio. It's the station I listen to for "oldies" and Russky Rock. The report concerned airplanes crashing into buildings in New York City. The Russian name they were using to describe the buildings wasn't familiar, and initially I thought it might simply be a plane crash. Bad enough, but it was vague. And frankly, I thought it might be an exaggeration. It was my response to allot of what I heard from Russian news sources.

I had no idea of the immense seriousness until I parked my car in front of our family apartment building.

My kids were out playing; watched over and cared for by Olga Dobrikova their Russian nanny. Olga had a shocked look on her face and was quite pale. She kept repeating, "How sorry she was for me and my countrymen". I asked her a few specific questions, and she somewhat clarified the report I had heard on Russian radio.

Olga said, "Two airplanes had crashed into two business buildings and there were thousands who had died in New York City."

I ran up the stairs to our apartment and turned on CNN, my source of "Breaking News" in Moscow.

There it was playing out live on a TV, thousands of miles away, 6:45 PM in Moscow, and eight hours earlier in New York.

Then, like everyone, the sense of shock, ghastliness, helplessness, horror and sorrow sank into the farthest recesses of my heart and mind. I stayed for hours in front of the television like millions around the world that day and night. A sense of the unbelievable permeated the reality of the situation. The Twin Towers of the World Trade Center had actually been destroyed by suicide attacks using two commercial passenger jetliners. This was real life not a movie thriller.

Weeks and months followed playing the drama to its extremes.

Everywhere, it was talked about.

There was no way to avoid the tragedy, the terror and ultimately the politics.

The politics became the military response and the manhunt: the good guys versus the bad guys.

Us verses them, vigilance and home land security and detention camps without trials. Stereotypes began implicating people due to the color of their skin, their religion or national origin. Vague gray mandates caused untold damage to the stalwart symbol of democracy and freedom around the world, the United States of America.

Rationale and good sense became secondary to power and revenge!

At last I was moved to respond:

-Due to the arrogance of the little men who blew themselves to hell along with horrified innocents for a perverted idea of "God's Will".

-Because of the bickering from some of the victim's family's over how much financial remuneration they should be allotted by government agencies they felt were responsible for a lack of foresight in the prevention of organized insanity.

-It was our untested national leader who found "reason for being" and a rationale for reacting militarily blowing smoke over his many shortcomings, inefficiencies and ignorance.

-Finally, all the commerce since generated by death!

Evil was and is my take on all of it. From the conceptualization, and planning, to the execution by the fanatics ultimately blended with a large portion of self righteousness in the responses culminating in terror upon terror!

The creature on the wing of my installation, "FANTASY ON A TERRORIST ACT", is a new species of evil given birth September 11th, 2001.

Frank Williams

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