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Андрей Дмитриевич Сахаров : Библиографический справочник : в 2 ч. Ч. 1 : Труды : Электронная версия

Фильм Мой отец – академик Сахаров :: открытое письмо Генеральному директору Первого канала Константину Эрнсту

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About the Andrei Sakharov Museum and Public Center

The Andrei Sakharov Museum and Public Center : Moscow


The Andrei Sakharov Museum and Public Center is both a cultural institution and a public organization promoting the formation of civil society in Russia. It was established by  the Public Commission for the Preservation of the Heritage of Academician Sakharov — Andrei Sakharov Foundation, chaired at the time by E. Bonner and, subsequently (since 2005), by S. Kovalev. The Museum and Public Center opened 21 May 1996, on the 75th anniversary of Sakharov’s birth.

Permanent exhibits, temporary exhibitions, the library, and museum collections are dedicated to three main issues: ’Totalitarian past’, 'Conditions of freedom — issues that currently face Russia’, ’The life and activities of Andrei Sakharov’. The Museum and Public Center often initiates and organizes discussions on urgent societal and political issues and grants, free of charge, its facilities for seminars, conferences and other public events to organizations whose goals do not contradict the mission of the Museum and Public Center.

The Museum occupies a small mansion that was part of a 17th_19th century estate last owned by the Usachev — Naydenov merchant family. The premises housing the Museum and Public Center have been granted by the Moscow City Government free of rent until 2021. Reconstruction of the building was accomplished by architect Grigory Sayevich, and the permanent collection was designed by architect Yevgeni Ass. Exposition equipment was developed, produced and mounted by Bioinjector IPK. The design of the Round Table Room incorporates works by artists Svetlana Assiryants and Daniel Mitlyansky and Maksim Mitlyansky. In 2000, The Museum and Public Center was granted the status of an Autonomous Non_Commercial Organization. The organization is managed by the Board of Directors. Grants and donations are the principal sources of operational funding.

Mission of the Andrei Sakharov Museum and Public Center
 — To contribute to the preservation of the historic memory of tens of millions of victims of the political repressions and crimes of the Soviet regime
 — To contribute to the establishment of the values of an open democratic society and state in today\’s Russia, as advocated and shared by Andrei Sakharov

Major activities of the Museum and Public Center
- Archive and museum activities
- Arrangement of exhibitions
- Educational and instructive programs
- Arrangement of seminars and conferences
- Editorial and publishing activities

Members of the Andrei Sakharov Foundation — Commission for Academic Sakharov Heritage Preservation

Elena Bonner, Honorary chairman of the Andrei Sakharov Foundation
Sergei Kovalev, Chairman of the Andrei Sakharov Foundation
Boris Bolotovsky, Deputy chairman of the Andrei Sakharov Foundation
Leonid Litinsky, Deputy chairman of the Andrei Sakharov Foundation
Viacheslav Bakhmin
Leonid Bazhanov
Svetlana Gannushkina
Valentin Gefter
Aleksandr Lavut
Aleksandr Pumpyansky
Yuli Rybakov
Yuri Ryzhov
Anatoly Shabad


Director of the Andrei Sakharov Foundation – Sergey Lukashevsky


Adress of the Andrei Sakharov Museum and Public Center

The Andrei Sakharov Museum and Public Center
\’Peace, Progress, Human Rights\’
57, Zemlyaynoi Val, Building 6
105120 Moscow
Russian Federation

Tel: 7(495) 623-44-20
Fax: 7(495) 917-26-53
E-mail: secretary(at)sakharov-center.ru

Museum hours: 11 a.m. — 7 p.m.
Every day except Monday

Free admission

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